Halima & Latah

Halima is originally from Bangladesh and lived in Stratford. Latah is originally from Gujurat Province in India and worked in a coat factory in Stratford.


Listen to an interview with Halima & Latah.

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About this painting

Oil on canvas, 65x45cm, 2008

Halima & Latah

From the interview

Latah on working in Stratford

I moved to Stratford from Anand (a large city in the state of Gujurat in India). The Stratford area was very quiet, very clean after Anand.

I worked in a coat factory in Stratford. I was sewing the buttons on - piecework. The factory is now closed - it became a paint factory, then a bakery.

Halima on living in Stratford

When I came to live in Stratford there were only two high buildings. At that time it was very, very poor - broken buildings - but within 10 or 11 years it was fully changed. Better now, shiny new buildings. Looks nice now it is not dirty, especially the shopping area. I am very happy about the Olympics coming to Stratford. I hope that I am still alive in 2012 that I will enjoy it!